Safety Information

Safety is always first in our priorities. Safety training is an ongoing obligation for us. Part of our yearly training is CPR and First Aid from the American Red Cross. The certification for CPR is good for 2 years and the First Aid certification is good for 3 years. We host a safety training course every year for review of our certifications.

The United States of America Gymnastics (USAG) is the official governing Body for gymnastics. They have a safety certification program that we either host or attend, the safety certification is good for 4 years. Although the USAG only requires safety certification for the team coaches, we are currently working to obtain this certification for all our staff. We require all coaches and teachers to attend the course.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure our equipment standards are second to none. Some of the special features include:
1/4 inch foam under all carpeted areas
Foam cubes in the safety pit
Trampoline at the bottom of the safety pit
2 overhead spotting rigs
3 in-ground resi-pits
Strap bars
Plastics light covers
Spring floor under the Pre-school area
Tumbling area
Vaulting runway
Parent's viewing area with 1 way safety glass


Teacher Training

Besides the First Aid and CPR training already discussed, we attend several coaches and teachers training clinics. This helps us keep up-to-date on the latest progressions, techniques, conditioning, etc. Training sessions we have attended include:

  USAG National Congress
  Region V USAG mini Congress
  Indiana State Congress
  Lake Own Gymnastics Camp
  IN-NAWGJ (Judging Course)
  KAT (Kinder Accerditation for Teachers

The above training sessions require lots of time and dedication from the staff. We find these training sessions well worth the effort.

We are also involved in state, regional, and national teaching and certifying programs for teachers.

  • At the USAG National Congress, our gym was asked to teach the spotting clinic.
  • Our gym has hosted 4 KAT programs. We also help teach the National KAT Program (Kevin is one of the national certifiers for USAG)
  • Almost every year we host at least one statewide clinic in our gym, bringing expert coaches from in and out of the state.