Meet the Staff


Dear Parents
This is a rundown of who will be teaching your childs' gymnastics.

Meet Your Teacher


Kevin O’Brien  graduated from Ball State University, where he was on the BSU Men’s gymnastics team.  After graduation, he was the assistant coach of the BSU’s Womens’ Gymnastics Team.  Kevin was on the Board of Directors of the IN-USAG (The state governing body of women’s gymnastics) for fourteen years and served on the National teaching staff of the USAG (the national governing body of gymnastics), where he certified gymnastics pre-school teachers.  Kevin has taught gymnastics for over 30 years.

Terra O’Brien graduated from Ball State University where she was on the BSU Women’s Gymnastics team. Terra received a teaching degree in Physical Education K through 12 and minored in coaching. Terra has taught gymnastics for over 35 years. Terra is Safety, Skill evaluator, KAT and PDP certified.

Victoria O’Brien  was a level 10 gymnast at Hoosiers. She is the daughter of Kevin and Terra O’Brien, so she has been in the gym all her life. Victoria coaches the Level 4s and 5s and Optional teams. Victoria finished her degree at IUPUI this past December. She also has training in dance. Victoria only coaches teams becauseof her limited availiability. Victoria is PDCP and Safety certified and has attended many coaches training clinics in the past.

Ms Jeannine Miller Britton has been teaching gymnastics for 14 years, is KAT certified, Safety certified, as well as first aid and CPR certified. Jeannine is a mother of 2 and grandmother of 5. She is also the special events coordinator at the Plainfield Aquatic Center.

Brittany Nevitt  was a Level 8 gymnast at Hoosier Gymnastics. She is PDCP, KAT, MELDA and Safety certified. Brittany competed for the Wynona State University Gymnastics team after High School. She teaches pre-school classes, school age classes, a well as teams.

Christy Barclay owned Barclays Gymnastics for 7 years. She has coached over 30 years. She is helping our level 4 teams. Christy also has her degree in child development.

Linnessa Scott has coached Home School and pre-school physical education programs as well as yoga and aerobics. She has recently finished her USAG teaching certification. She has completed the KAT training and has been working with Hoosiers for the past few years. Linnessa has a child on our travel team and has completed her Nursing degree at IU School of Medicine. She recently landed a nursing job which will unfortunately limit her teaching availability.

Tiffany Karnes was one of our gymnasts for 14 years. She acheived Level 9 and also competed 4 years for Plainfield High School. Tiffany is graduated, married and has a daughter of her own, of course taking gymnastics too.

Hannah Gackenheimer was one of our gymnasts for 10 years and acheived Level 9. Hannah is a Sophomore at Butler University, where she is studying Pharmacy.

Samantha Peggs was one of our gymnasts for 6 years (Optional level). She is an LPN and in school to ger her RN (nursing) degree.

Shelby Peirson was one of our gymnasts for 6 years. Shelby is an ABA Therapist at Hendricks Regional Hospital.

Stephanie Myrick was a level 10 gymnast (also trained at Hoosiers). She has graduated college and is now helping the Level 3 team.

Lexie Williams comes to us from teaching at Tumble Express in Brazil, IN. She is attending IUPUI this fall.

Sierra Murphy has been with Hoosiers since she was 18 months and in "Mom And Me" classes. She is now a junior at IUPUI majoring in Elementary Education.

Marty Vaughan is a Science/Physiology professor at IUPUI. He is a 6th degree black belt and has been teaching Karate for over 30 years. He is certified through the Shotokan Karate Federation as an examiner and instructor. Marty runs the Karate program at the gym. Marty is also a member of the American College of Sports Medicine.


 I would like to point out the overwhelming number of our coaches who have actually trained here, or have their children training here. We treat the athlete with respect and use encouragement and education to train our gymnasts. They grow up to love the sport and want to pass this down to the younger children. We hope to encourage in your child, a love for being fit and being active. This will lead to a much more healthy adult life. Thank You for considering Hoosier Gymnastics for your child's gymnastics education.